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I have decided to talk about the French fashion designer Coco Chanel and about the way that luxury brands promote themselves online. Social media has become a huge issue and challenge for luxury brands as luxury, is always closely related to; influence, relationships and references . It is true that in this social media revolution a luxury brand that ignores social networks will sistematically turn back to the eighteen century.

According to Coco Chanel’s life it is the story of one of the most powerful and fascinating women entrepreneurs of the 20th century. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was born on August 19, 1883. Several years passed before the girl started her first job. She began working as a shopkeeper and sometime later she would try to sing and dance, hoping to success in the theaters. Unluckily, these attempts did not bring her any luck, but at this moment was when she acquired the nickname “Coco”. Her nickname was given by her audience when she used to sing.


She would soon find a person who would help her change her whole life. This Englishman helped Chanel open her first shop in Paris in 1910. One she had started in the world of fashion there was nothing that could stop her. But not everything in the life of Coco was marvelous as after the Second World War she had no other option but closing her salon. Years past and she continued being part of oblivion. Luckily, at the age of 70, Chanel made a triumphant return to the fashion world.

Apart from designing dresses, Chanel has also being known for her perfume and jewelry creations. Her first perfume was designed in 1921; it was a mixture of 128 ingredients blended by a chemist. Chanel Nº5 was one of the first synthetic perfumes sold in the market. The bottle where the fragrance was kept was a simple square bottle which had nothing to do with the fanciful flagons used at that time. Here we have one of the various Chanel Nº5 perfume commercials, starring Nicole Kidman.



Contact between luxury brands and their clients.

For a luxury brand being online is not a huge effort to maintain in contact with their customers. Potential luxury brand clients are usually more present on social networks than the average population. However luxury brands such as Chanel prefer to connect with clients through TV advertisements, rather than depending so much on social networks. In the case of Chanel, it uses social media going through privileged relationships with certain fashion and luxury bloggers. This way of giving information through blogs is pretty used by luxury brands. In the case of Chanel’s Twitter, for example, they use it to simply relay information and not usually to answer people’s questions. Therefore, the 64% of all the online information about this brand comes from blogs.chanel4

This high fashion brand, opened up to social media within well-tuned operations that maintained its exclusive reputation. As I said before, this brand began by choosing a few select bloggers, this people received special invitations to try products before they were launched and later share their opinion and experiences via their blog. In 2007, for example, for the launch of the Coco Mademoiselle campaign, Chanel invited 15 international fashion bloggers to spend a luxurious day with the brand managers.

How should luxurious brands behave online?

For most luxury brands, customer service ought to be equally luxurious and therefore carried out in their boutique. One possibility that certain brands, such as Chanel, have opted for, is to send information which could be of great help to their customers. For instance, if a person tweets that she thinks her Chanel bag is fake, then Chanel will tweet back the process that should be carried out to verify it.

Certain brands have decided to aggregate content about their brand in a blog, while others prefer to broadcast fashion shows or behind the scene interviews to offer their customers a continuous glimpse about their fashion brand. Remaining exclusive online, for luxury brands is not really a difficult task. Usually, people that decide to follow a brand by Facebook or Twitter are directly letting the brand know their wish of obtaining information about their luxury brand. It is important then, that brands aim to please their online fans with the quality and interest they would like their brand to continue having.

While some brands have found and advantage on using online communities to promote their brand, other have decided to create their own platform for specific purposes which are usually product innovation and service. This allows the brand to control their image as well as the content published in the platform.

To conclude, luxury brands have always developed their brand image by maintaining it visible for those few who can afford such luxuries. With the raise of social networks, they have tried to maintain their exclusivity, choosing people that could represent their brand in an efficient way, such as selected bloggers. But the online engagement of luxury brands is a bit different to normal brands as they don’t usually communicate with their customers in such a direct way but through brand advocates.



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Nowadays Adidas is a brand that represents competence in all sectors of sport around the globe. The founder of Adidas was called Adolf Dassler and with a simple and brilliant idea he made his sport brand one of the most valued ones. Adi Dassler’s main objective was to provide every athlete the best possible equipment. It all began in the year 1920 when Adi Dassler made his first shoes using some poor materials which were still available after the First World War. In 1949 Adi Dassler decided to register Adidas in the commercial register in Germany. The first official name of the company, back then, was “Adolf Dassler Adidas Sportschunhfabrik”. After a period of 70 years the Dassler family turned their small company into a huge corporation.


Adidas creator, Adi Dassler

The Adidas Group has over 42.000 employees worldwide, with more than 3.000 employees working at the headquarters in Germany. Between those employees in Germany, we find designers, product developers, experts on biomechanics and experts on technological material. It is here where Adidas maintains the only shoes production facility. The distribution of Adidas is nowadays grouped in four regions: Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America. Today, the Adidas brand is Europe’s biggest supplier on sport footwear.

Adidas breakthrough came when Germany won the Soccer World Cup in 1954. In the final against Hungary, the German team was wearing boots screw-in-studs by Adidas. At this time Adi Dassler started promoting his products in order to make the public aware of his innovations. He started then using well known athletes for advertising his products. Adidas marketing communication efforts are focused to achieve three pillars: energize, globalize and contemporize. This brand has used several advertising media to promote its products in the marketplace. This different advertising media are: print media advertisement, cover advertising, infomercials, online advertisements, public transport advertisements, celebrity advertisements etc.

Here we have an example of the last one, where celebrities such as Leo Messi appear. The ad translates humor and freshness and as a result we have an advertising campaign that clearly communicates Adidas street relevancy.



Adidas has also made use of social networks in order to promote its products and as an example we have its own YouTube channel, where they let us know about all their innovations. It also has an Adidas Twitter account for Spanish customers (@ adidas_ES), where they launch information about new products, events, promotions, and everything related to Adidas clubs. Furthermore, it even has a Facebook account with over 20,000,000 people liking it. In its official webpage we find everything that we would like to know about the German brand; promotions, news, developments etc.

According to the logo of Adidas, at the very beginning Adi designed the 3-Stripes mark which some Adidas sport shoes still have on them. His aim was to create a symbol that could be immediately recognized when using it in athletic competitions.


Adidas typical Three stripes model

Later in the late 60s he decided to create a new identification for the Adidas brand. So, in 1971, the Treefoil was born, out of more than 100 ideas. It still had on it the previous 3-Stripes design.


Adidas Treefoil

In 1998, the merger between Salomon and Adidas originated a new logo. This new Logo incorporated the two typical colors of both brands: blue for Adidas and red for Salomon.


Mixed logo between Adidas and Salomon


Adi Dassler died in 1978, at the age of 78. His name and developments will definitely continue helping athletes in their efforts to push themselves to the limit. After his dead, his son Horst Dassler took charge of running the company and in 1987 it was transformed into a corporation. Today, the Adidas product range extends from footwear and apparel to accessories for all type of sports, being the priority ones: football, running, basketball and training.

To sum up we could say that Adidas went from being a very small company to be one of the best known corporations worldwide. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the founder of this German brand, he achieved his goal of bringing athletes their needed sport equipment. But maybe, this success would not have been the same if the corporation had not been released by advertising and social networks. Since, nowadays one of the most direct ways to reach consumers is through Internet and social networking.




Shop strategy post



CD World


We own a music CD shop, and we would like to promote it via social networks making use of the great variety of tools that they offer us. Knowing that social networks are becoming more and more used for promoting new brands, we will follow the same steps in order to make our message reach as many people as possible. Moreover, we are proud of launching our new website which will contain all de information about our latest products and promotions. We will also take care to efficiently communicate what becomes of interest to consumers.

As we have known, many organizations face billions of attacks from infiltrators who try to manipulate, steal or harm other company’s nets. Because of this and for our company security we have chosen some priorities that our company should carry out in order to manage a secure digital identity. We will try to keep our digital identity save, by supervising who gets in and out from our networks. We will also be conscious about the education and training of our employees and service providers to ensure we all operate responsibly in the networks. And last but not least, we will take into account the expectations of users and don’t let this technical evolutions interrupt their objectives. Our digital identity will also provide a digital reputation.


The behaviour that we show on the Internet will have a remarkable influence on the creation of our own reputation. The fact of having our digital reputation easily accessible entails that it could be changed from different sources and used by a great amount of users who will judge and asses it. Therefore, we will try to keep out anyone that could damage our status. Other aspect closely related to business promotion, is our personal brand, which we consider one of the most valuable assets that an entrepreneur can have online. This will refer to the development of the value of our shop or brand.

According to the webpage that we have designed for our business, it will have all the necessary information about our movements and news, starting from our location and telephone number. In this website, we will have all our CDs neatly categorized by musical genres; pop, rock, rock &roll, reggae, blues, jazz, etc. To make it easier for clients to search their desired CD, we have used an advanced search engine. We have also divided the page into three columns for different utilities. The first one will contain comments of clients that have already listened to some determined CDs, and would like to share their opinion and help others in their choice. In the second column we will show our special offers, and CD draws, not only for our habitual clients but also for the new ones. And finally the last column will contain videos of the artists promoting their CDs and explaining the new features that they have included in their last albums.

Other companies in the music market are very active internet users, so it is always interesting to get to know their business methods. DiscoPolis, for instance, has a wide range of sections starting from forums and communities and finishing with instant music players. Furthermore, all the information is clearly organized and easy to understand. As it is said in the article “ten things every small business website needs“businesses webs should be well designed and manageable for users. This small business has chosen Facebook to promote itself and its profile is liked by more than a hundred users.

twitHowever, we have chosen Twitter for the promotion of our CD shop, as we believe that it offers a great variety of functions that can be of great use for our company. Some of the main reasons for choosing Twitter are because it gives us the possibility of connecting with companies working in our same industry, it instantly tells us what it is being said about our products and because it is a continuous steady stream of ideas and tips. On our Twitter account our name will be easily recognizable and easy to remember (@CdWorld). Apart from that, the amount of different business-oriented Twitter applications will definitely be of great need. Between those applications we find HootSuite, which gives us the ability to manage multiple accounts so that we can easily jump back and forth from our personal account to the business account. Furthermore, from the different directories that Twitter offers, we strongly think that Twellow is the one that complies best our requirements, showing us a phone directory that shorts people by industry.

In conclusion, the appropriate use of both webpage and Twitter account will become essential to promote our business. We have to keep active and update all the information, in order to keep our clients informed and continue in a good standing. To finish with, we cannot forget that having a great reputation is the clue to succeed and reach the top of our industry sector.