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We own a music CD shop, and we would like to promote it via social networks making use of the great variety of tools that they offer us. Knowing that social networks are becoming more and more used for promoting new brands, we will follow the same steps in order to make our message reach as many people as possible. Moreover, we are proud of launching our new website which will contain all de information about our latest products and promotions. We will also take care to efficiently communicate what becomes of interest to consumers.

As we have known, many organizations face billions of attacks from infiltrators who try to manipulate, steal or harm other company’s nets. Because of this and for our company security we have chosen some priorities that our company should carry out in order to manage a secure digital identity. We will try to keep our digital identity save, by supervising who gets in and out from our networks. We will also be conscious about the education and training of our employees and service providers to ensure we all operate responsibly in the networks. And last but not least, we will take into account the expectations of users and don’t let this technical evolutions interrupt their objectives. Our digital identity will also provide a digital reputation.


The behaviour that we show on the Internet will have a remarkable influence on the creation of our own reputation. The fact of having our digital reputation easily accessible entails that it could be changed from different sources and used by a great amount of users who will judge and asses it. Therefore, we will try to keep out anyone that could damage our status. Other aspect closely related to business promotion, is our personal brand, which we consider one of the most valuable assets that an entrepreneur can have online. This will refer to the development of the value of our shop or brand.

According to the webpage that we have designed for our business, it will have all the necessary information about our movements and news, starting from our location and telephone number. In this website, we will have all our CDs neatly categorized by musical genres; pop, rock, rock &roll, reggae, blues, jazz, etc. To make it easier for clients to search their desired CD, we have used an advanced search engine. We have also divided the page into three columns for different utilities. The first one will contain comments of clients that have already listened to some determined CDs, and would like to share their opinion and help others in their choice. In the second column we will show our special offers, and CD draws, not only for our habitual clients but also for the new ones. And finally the last column will contain videos of the artists promoting their CDs and explaining the new features that they have included in their last albums.

Other companies in the music market are very active internet users, so it is always interesting to get to know their business methods. DiscoPolis, for instance, has a wide range of sections starting from forums and communities and finishing with instant music players. Furthermore, all the information is clearly organized and easy to understand. As it is said in the article “ten things every small business website needs“businesses webs should be well designed and manageable for users. This small business has chosen Facebook to promote itself and its profile is liked by more than a hundred users.

twitHowever, we have chosen Twitter for the promotion of our CD shop, as we believe that it offers a great variety of functions that can be of great use for our company. Some of the main reasons for choosing Twitter are because it gives us the possibility of connecting with companies working in our same industry, it instantly tells us what it is being said about our products and because it is a continuous steady stream of ideas and tips. On our Twitter account our name will be easily recognizable and easy to remember (@CdWorld). Apart from that, the amount of different business-oriented Twitter applications will definitely be of great need. Between those applications we find HootSuite, which gives us the ability to manage multiple accounts so that we can easily jump back and forth from our personal account to the business account. Furthermore, from the different directories that Twitter offers, we strongly think that Twellow is the one that complies best our requirements, showing us a phone directory that shorts people by industry.

In conclusion, the appropriate use of both webpage and Twitter account will become essential to promote our business. We have to keep active and update all the information, in order to keep our clients informed and continue in a good standing. To finish with, we cannot forget that having a great reputation is the clue to succeed and reach the top of our industry sector.




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