Experience with Lucy Language Translator

What is Lucy Language translator?

For secure, cost-effective international communication


Lucy software was founded in 2006 with the goal of providing superior language services to globally operating companies that have multilingual challenges.

Lucy translator puts an end in the division between language and technology, providing software solutions and end-to- end translation services.

The Lucy team is made up of seasoned proffesionals including consultants, trainers, transport management expersts, ABAP developers, Basic expers and top SAP translator each with up to 25 years of domain experience.



It offers a full spectrum of services that meet all needs for multilingual international companies. Lucy provides machine translation solutions for internationally active corporations, language service providers and government institutions who are willing to:

  • Communicate internationally in multiple languagesasdsfgghkghjkgjkgk
  • Reach audiences in additional languages
  • Cut translation costs
  • Reduce translation time

Lucy’s language translators main goal is to help it customers to communicate more effectively in the international markets.



  •  It is secure 

    In the business world, most of the information that is used by companies contains confidential financial and organizational data. Because of that Lucy, uses a secure intranet environment in order to avoid the risks of making internal information publicly visible.

  • It supports multiple text formats Microsoft Office formats( dicx, xlsx, pptx) to XML, HTML and HTML5.
  • It offers a large number of language combinations


    Language direction matrix

Lucy Language Translator translates in 36 language directions. Moreover, additional translation directions can be added. Recently a conversion of language variants (Continental Portuguese- Brazilian Portuguese) has been added.

  • It is fast which makes users save significant time
  • It is efficient
    Has a minimal hardware footprint making running costs very low when compared to many other solutions

The Lucy software 4 step approach assures its users a quality result:

  1. Lucy has built up a worlwide team of highly skilled individual translators and partners. The team delivers quality as a matter of course.
  2. Double check of translators by senior linguists with outstanding knowledge of SAP terminology.
  3. Automated check for consistency of entries in the SAP proposal pool
  4. Synchronizing of terminology between SAp texts and offline materials such as trainig content with the Lucy Software Term Synchronizer.


Lucy LT gives its users the opportunity to translate both texts and web sites in real time.







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