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eDreams has grown to become the biggest e-commerce travel company in Spain and one of the leaders in Europe. They offer customers over 60,000 flight routes from more than 100 airlines, and over 150,000 hotels in 30,000 destinations around the world, as well as vacation packages and car rentals. They do this through their highly developed search engine and booking technologies.
Their goal is to offer the widest choice of flights, hotels and tailored holiday packages at the most competitive prices. But apart from helping customers to plan their travels, they also offer online marketing and advertising services to other businesses.

In July 2010, the European private equity house Permira became the company’s majority shareholder. And, a year later, in July 2011, eDreams merged with GO Voyages and acquired Opodo and Travellink to found the ODIGEO group. Serving 14 million customers each year and across 28 countries, ODIGEO is one of the leading online travel groups worldwide.






Travel Agency
Customers can plan their holidays with the highest level of convenience and flexibility by using their Internet search, comparison and booking engines. Their flight search engine enables users to conduct selective searches across all airlines, both low-cost and traditional. It also combines flights from different airlines to give customers the most competitive price for their chosen route.

But they are not just all about flights. As a comprehensive online travel agency, they also offer a huge selection of hotels to choose from, as well as the option to personally select a flight and hotel package. Furthermore, customers can book car rental and insurance through them too.

Worldwide, customers can book online both from a desktop computer or with their mobile phone or tablet devices

Marketing and Advertising services

Being a major e-commerce player in Southern Europe, each day they draw over 100,000 people to And, twice a month, they send an email with their best deals to over 300,000 English speaking customers. These figures have caught the attention of a growing number of companies in the tourism industry. So today over 500 companies use them as an advertising platform for their campaigns.

Customer Feedback

They listen to what their customers tell them. In fact, one of the things that distinguish them from other online travel agencies is their bank of reviews. They collect and publish opinions from all customers travelling with them so that others can then make an informed decision about their airline, airport or hotel.





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